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Newega is a Usenet reader with a web based interface.

Main features :

  • Advanced Filters and Rules support
  • Downloads and decodes binary files
  • Support for themes using HTML templates
  • Remote use possible
  • Standalone program (no web or database server needed)

Supported platforms: Windows, Linux

Supported languages: English, French

Newega v0.7.2.2 released (Jan, 01 2007)

Fixed a few bugs from previous release

Newega v0.7.2 released (March, 03 2006)

Major changes :

  • Advanced filtered views and flagging rules implemented
  • Binary download support for large files
  • Remote use possible (access restriction by ip and password)
  • Group folders

Minor changes :

  • Switched web server from HTTP/1.0 to HTTP/1.1 with persistent connections
  • External binary file decoding supported using UUDeview
  • Command line options

Newega v0.7 released (Nov, 26 2005)

Major changes :

  • Support for multiple languages (english and french translations available)
  • Character Encoding selection (iso-8859-*, utf-8, ...)
  • Can read binary files (UUencode and Yenc)
  • Reply can now be sent by email

Newega v0.6b1 released (Nov, 05 2005)

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